Agile Bootcamp

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Bootstrap your agile team with Cédric Pontet and Guy Fabien


From desire to implementation

Discover how to bootstrap your agile team by getting answers to the questions “what to know”, “where to start” and “how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls”. Also learn how to efficiently set up several agile teams, by sharing common practices, while reducing dependencies.

Target Audience

This workshop is for anyone interested in bootstrapping one or more agile teams, whether they are directly involved in a team (Software developer, Product manager, Facilitator) or secondarily impacted by this change (UX designer, Ops engineer, Team manager, Competence center manager, Talent manager).


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Module 1
  • What are the challenges that a team must tackle to perform durably?
  • How to increase a project’s chances of success?
  • How do agility and its specific mindset address these aspects?
Module 2
  • What are the basics of Scrum and what does Scrum change in terms of team organization?
  • What are the three roles of Scrum and the responsibilities associated with each of them?
  • What are the key success factors when applying Scrum?
Module 3
  • What is Lean and Kanban?
  • How are Scrum and Kanban similar? How do they differ?
  • How to manage a product in an agile way through a well-refined backlog?
Module 4
  • What are the possible steps to properly set up an agile team?
  • How to organize value delivery with several agile teams working in parallel?
  • How to address your current biggest challenges? (Q&A session, Lean Coffee style.

When: 27th - 28th - 29th - 30th October 2020
Where: online
Language: English
TrainersCédric PontetGuy Fabien